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Musculoskeletal pain refers to any form of physical pain we commonly feel on our back, neck, legs, especially as we grow older. Traditional ways to deal with these form pain involved strong painkillers and complicated surgeries, but advancement in the field of chiropractic studies now show that not only can your chiropractor in Toronto, help to treat musculoskeletal pain, they can even provide some benefits that medicines and surgery cannot. Read More →

urgent care birmingham

In recent years the number of people choosing urgent care Birmingham over hospital visits has grown by leaps and bounds.  As a result there are more facilities offering the kind of urgent care Birmingham residents need.  These very useful clinics have become the practical choice for people needing medical attention for non-life threatening conditions.

Why do use the word practical to describe Birmingham urgent care centers?  Here are just a few reasons:

  1. They make it easy to make medical appointments: As in hospitals, urgent care facilities in Birmingham also encourage patients to make scheduled appointments; the practice enables a degree of efficiency that cannot be ignored.  However, they also accept walk-in patients.  While the time allotted for scheduled appointments is guaranteed, the wait times for walk-in patients is considerably shorter than a comparable visit at a hospital emergency room.

In addition, it is quite easy to re-schedule medical appointments that you just cannot make for whatever reason; many such facilities allow re-scheduling by phone or online.

  1. You receive the only the medical care you need: Unlike at emergency rooms, you will not be required to take a set of ‘routine’ lab tests; so you don’t to wait for results and the treatment is quicker.  There’s lots of staff at these clinics from board-certified physicians to medical assistants who will provide the level of care you need.  If your condition requires the attention of a medical specialist, they will gladly refer you to one.
  1. Birmingham urgent care clinics treat a wide range of non-life threatening illnesses and conditions: Aside from treating common illnesses, many of these clinics also offer routine tests and procedures such as, pregnancy tests, strep & throat cultures, glucose testing, sports physicals, work physicals, school physicals, etc.
  1. A visit to a Birmingham urgent care facility costs significantly less than a visit to a hospital emergency room: For one, you don’t have to pay an ‘emergency room fee’.  These clinics also save you money by asking only for lab tests which are absolutely necessary to diagnose and treat your illness.  They also charge less in professional fees because you only get the level of attention you need – which is not necessarily from an MD or a medical specialist.
  1. Birmingham Urgent care clinics accept a wide range of patients: If these centers do not have a pediatrician on their staff, they will have problems treating very young patients (2 years old and below).  Otherwise they will accept anybody else regardless of age or gender.  In this respect they are almost like family physicians.
  1. Most of these clinics accept a number of payment modes and medical insurance covers: Aside from having affordable rates, many clinics accept payment through credit cards, insurance, and insurance co-pays.  You may even find one that offers online payment facilities.
  1. They are almost everywhere and are open for longer: One listing contains 58 urgent care centers in Birmingham alone.   Majority of these clinics are open for longer hours and some even treat patients during weekends.

Maybe it’s time to find a nearby urgent care center in Birmingham, preferably one affiliated with professional organizations such as the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine.  It is sure to save you both time and money.